Supporting the wise use and protection of BC grasslands.

Grassland stewardship involves strategies and practices that help to ensure the long-term health of the landscape.

It includes both responsible use and protection of lands, species, and ecosystem values—that is, the functions that grassland ecosystems perform, and the services and benefits that they provide (e.g., water filtration, wildlife habitat, forage for livestock).

Grasslands play a critical role in the lives, cultures, and economies of diverse groups. The ranching industry, recreational users, Aboriginal communities, other towns and cities, various industrial sectors—all of us, really—must balance our own demands with the needs of the land upon whose health we depend.

Healthy grasslands and ranching go hand in hand. The sustainable use of grasslands has included animal grazing for thousands of years since well-managed grazing enhances native plant growth. In fact, approximately 90% of BC’s grasslands are grazed by cattle.

BC Grasslands - Photo by Studio Five

GCC stewardship initiatives have included:

Grasslands Conservation Council of BC - Laurie Guichon Memorial Sign
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