Advancing policies that respect grassland ecosystems.

Policies, regulations, and plans help governments and other organizations act to support the integrity of grassland ecosystems. GCC works with all levels of government (municipal, regional, provincial, federal, First Nation), sharing information and best practices to benefit people and landscapes around the province.

The GCC values collaboration. In our experience, when people who represent government, community, and business interests share their expertise toward a common goal, grasslands’ best interests are more likely to be met.

Partnerships yield results that benefit ecosystems, communities, and organizations because they build relationships that support the long-term health of all of those things. Over time, the GCC has taken a consultative, cooperative approach to influence local land use plans, advance provincial regulations for off-road vehicles, and create land management tools for ranchers.

BC Grasslands - GCC Director (and past GCC Chairperson) Agnes Jackson and current BC Lieutenant Governor (and past GCC Chairperson) Judith Guichon

We continue to seek opportunities to advance policies that respect grassland ecosystems and have participated in input processes for the following initiatives:

  • Provincial Protected Areas
  • Trans Mountain Pipeline
  • Ajax Mine
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