This is what we do.

Practical, real-world problem solving. Bringing together the relevant people with the right knowledge to achieve shared goals.

Science & Research

Reliable data provides the foundation for all that we do. It informs the other aspects of our work, grounding recommendations for policy, protection, stewardship, and education in facts, experience, and traditional knowledge.


Policies, regulations, and plans help governments and other organizations act to support the integrity of grassland ecosystems. GCC works with all levels of government, sharing information and best practices to benefit people and landscapes around the province.


Grassland stewardship involves strategies and practices that help to ensure the long-term health of the landscape. Stewardship is about sustainable use, not preservation or protection from human use. The sustainable use of grasslands has included animal grazing for thousands of years.

BC Grasslands - GCC Director (and past GCC Chairperson) Agnes Jackson and current BC Lieutenant Governor (and past GCC Chairperson) Judith Guichon


GCC supports and facilitates initiatives to protect priority grasslands: representative tracts of healthy grassland in various BC locations. Often this is part of a working or biodiversity ranch. Sometimes it is a conservation area or nature park. We also support conservation and rehabilitation of grasslands that have been fragmented due to residential subdivision, road building, and other land uses.

BC Grasslands - Photo by Studio Five

Education & Outreach

Our goal is to teach and support behaviour that creates and maintains healthy grasslands. It is often a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” People need to know what to do and why, and then they have to be given opportunities to put those behaviours into practice on the ground.

BC Grasslands - Western Skink

We connect people with different areas of expertise to cross-pollinate ideas and cultivate support for grassland conservation and stewardship.

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