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Online Resources

British Columbia Grasslands: Monitoring Vegetation Change (Part 1) – Publication by D. Gayton, published by FORREX-Forest Extension Partnership (2003). Part one of a two-part series.

British Columbia Grasslands: Monitoring Vegetation Change (Part 2) – Publication by D. Gayton, published by FORREX-Forest Extension Partnership (2003). Part two of a two-part series.

Burrowing Owl Reintroduction Efforts in the Thompson-Nicola Region of British Columbia – Research paper by E. E. Leupin and D. J. Low, published by The Raptor Research Foundation, Inc. (2001).

Cariboo-Chilcotin Ecosystem Restoration Plan: Grassland Benchmark – Report by F. M. Steele, K. L. MacKenzie, O. A. Steen, B. A. Blackwell, and A. Needoba, and R. W. Gray, submitted to the Cariboo-Chilcotin Grassland Strategy Committee (2007).

Challenging Cheatgrass: Can Tools Like the “Black Fingers of Death” Fight This Formidable Invasive Species? – USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station extension report by L. McKnight (2007).

Defoliation: Response of Bluebunch Wheatgrass and Crested Wheatgrass – Research report by C. L Meays, A. S. Laliberte, and P. S. Doescher, published in Rangelands 22(6) (2000).

Composition and Function of Biological Soil Crust Communities Along Topographic Gradients in Grasslands of Central Interior British Columbia (Chilcotin) and Southwestern Yukon (Kluane) – Research paper by J. Marsh, S. Nouvet, P. Sanborn, D. Coxson, published in Canadian Journal of Botany (2006).

Grassland Ecology and Classification: Symposium Proceedings June 1982 – Report eds. A. Nicholson, A. McLean, and T. Baker, published by Province of B.C. Ministry of Forests (1982).

Grasslands: Enabling their Potential to Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Mitigation – Submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2009).

Life in a Working Landscape: Towards a Conservation Strategy for the World’s Temperate Grasslands – A Record of the World Temperate Grasslands Conservation Initiative Workshop, Hohhot, China – June 28 & 29, 2008. Report prepared by Bob Peart (2008).

Native and Non-Native Plant Species in Grazed Grasslands of British Columbia’s Southern Interior – Research report by D. Gayton, published by BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management (2004).

New Directions for the Prairie Economy: Connecting Conservation and Rural Development in the Northern Great Plains – Report by C. Freese, D. Montanye, and K. Dabrowska, published by the World Wildlife Fund (2009).

Plant Functional Traits and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Contrasting Biomes – Research paper by G. B. De Deyn, J. H. C. Cornelissen, and R. D. Bardgett, published in Ecology Letters (2008).

Rare Native Vascular Plants of the Southern Okanagan Grasslands – Field Report by G. W. Douglas, S. J. Smith for The Nature Trust of British Columbia (2004).

Response of Antelope Bitterbrush Shrubsteppe to Variation in Livestock Grazing – Article by P. G. Krannitz of Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service, BC, in Western North American Naturalist (2008).

Thinking BiGG: Farming Families Tell Their Stories of Biodiversity – Case studies booklet by M. Williams as part of the Australian government’s Grain & Graze project (2008).

Toward a Strategy for the Conservation and Protection of the World’s Temperate Grasslands – Temperate Grasslands Strategy Paper 2010 by B. Henwood, published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and World Commission on Protected Areas (2010).

Welcome to the West: A Guide for People Moving to the Northern Rockies by Corporation for the Northern Rockies – Booklet published for American audiences by Corporation for the Northern Rockies (1990s).

What Are Global Temperate Grasslands Worth? A Case for Their Protection – A Review of Current Research on Their Total Economic Value prepared for the World Temperate Grasslands Conservation Initiative by Barbara Heidenreich (2009).

Print Resources

Grass: The Stockman’s Crop – Booklet by H. E. Dietz from Sunshine Unlimited, Inc., Lindsborg, Kansas.

Grassland: The History, Biology, Politics and Promise of the American Prairie – Book by R. Manning. Penguin (1997).

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