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For good or ill, humans have the power to support or degrade the vital natural functions that grasslands provide. Sound stewardship and good land management can help. Ignorant policies and practices can destroy. People play a crucial role in protecting the often invisible richness of grassland landscapes.

Commonsense solutions for BC grasslands

Our unique brand of hands-on, all-welcome conservation builds networks that strengthen grassland ecosystems.

Many thanks to the BC Interior Foundation for a grant which assisted in further distribution of the 2020 Grasslands magazine.

The GCC is dedicated to doing this—to uncovering the complexity and abundance of grasslands, sharing that information, and supporting policies and practices that protect it—for the benefit of all of us.

We invite you to the GCC table. Come to learn, to share, to participate in the future of BC grasslands.

BC Grasslands - Photo by Studio Five

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BC Grasslands - Photo by Studio Five

Grasslands are vital yet vulnerable


It’s easy to appreciate the stunning beauty of BC’s open spaces. Would you prize them even more if you understood what rare natural treasures grasslands truly are?

In addition to their intrinsic value as part of the natural world, grasslands provide a wealth of benefits to us and to our communities. They perform key functions that support our lives and livelihoods in a whole range of ways that are not always obvious.


Native grasslands cover less than 1% of BC’s land base. Even so, they are home to more than 30% of its species at risk. Grasslands support more threatened and endangered plants and animals than any other habitat type in the province.

Over time, grasslands have been developed and used without due consideration of the impact on these sensitive ecosystems. Misuse and mismanagement of the landscape have damaging effects.


The long-term sustainability of BC’s grasslands is threatened by poorly planned and thoughtless human activities. However, we do have information to help us make decisions in favour of healthy grasslands and healthy communities.

By working together to protect special areas, practicing active management, and engaging in wise stewardship, we can strengthen and renew our grassland ecosystems.

BC grasslands provide water filtration

The complex underground root systems of healthy grasslands are natural filters that help keep soil erosion and road runoff from reaching our clean water sources. And they build some of the richest soil around. Their role is irreplaceable.

BC Grasslands - Photo by Studio Five

BC grasslands provide critical habitat

Intact grasslands are needed for the survival of plants and animals found nowhere else in the province. Imagine: 1% of the land provides key habitat for over 30% of BC’s threatened and endangered species!

BC grasslands support our economy and our way of life

Grasslands also bridge natural and cultural heritage. They are the lifeblood of BC family farms and ranches, of people who have protected and managed the land for generations.

BC Grasslands - Photo by Studio Five
BC Grasslands - Photo by Studio Five

BC grasslands provide opportunities for recreation and connection with nature

Grasslands offer us vast open spaces for hiking, birding, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. These landscapes reflect a sense of freedom unlike anywhere else and allow us to connect with nature in ways that inspire us and contribute to our lives.

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