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Grassland Stewardship Projects

gilpinReview of the Gilpin Grassland

The Gilpin is a unique grassland that is used by deer, elk and wild sheep as well as by domestic livestock, as well as being a popular local birding and hiking area. This comprehensive review of the Gilpin Grasslands area near Grand Forks examines a number of issues including grazing, weeds, and changes to the plant community. Don Gayton, Ecosystem Management Specialist with FORREX, completed he report on behalf of the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection. 

Review of the Gilpin Grasslands, Report

Review of the Gilpin Grasslands, Appendices

grasslandstewardshipBC Grasslands Stewardship Guide: A guide for ranchers and recreation users

This guide to BC grasslands stewardship was prepared for the people who own or use the province’s grasslands. It is intended to be used as a framework or starting point for stewardship plans and practices.

optionsprivateStewardship Options for Private Landowners

This guide was written for all private landowners in British Columbia who voluntarily want to protect and maintain wildlife habitat on their property. More and more landowners, from rural homesteaders to suburban dwellers, are recognizing the role they can play in protecting and enriching the province's diverse wildlife and fish habitat. This guide provides some tips on how to do that.

greenwaysCommunity Greenways: Linking Communities to Country, and People to Nature

Community Greenways provides forward looking tools that will help community leaders to understand the principles of the natural systems that support our lives.

To view the complete list of publications offered by the Stewardship Centre of British Columbia visit their Stewardship Series webpage.