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Invasive Plant Resources

invasiveplantsnvasive weeds are typically non-native plants that were introduced to British Columbia, often because they were thought to be attractive in gardens. Because they don't have the natural insect predators or plant pathogens in BC that kept them in check in their native habitat, they can be aggressive, highly destructive and difficult to control.

Below are links to Internet sites and publications that provide further information on invasive weeds, methods of control and precautions to take to check their introduction and spread. 

Field Guide to Noxious and Other Selected Weeds of British Columbia: This field guide has been prepared to help farmers, ranchers, resource managers and the public identify British Columbia's noxious weeds. Some of the more common nuisance weeds that interfere with human activities are also detailed. Proper identification of problem weeds is the crucial first step in gaining knowledge about these troublesome plants so that a well planned control strategy can be developed.

Weeds BC: The Weeds BC website can help you identify your weeds, learn how to manage them and find out what can happen if you don't. This site profiles 80 weeds that are currently present in the province and/or pose a threat to BC's economy and environment.

Invasive Plant Council of BC: A non-profit organization working to coordinate invasive plant management in British Columbia. This site provides links to regional committees in your area.

Integrated Weed Managament: An Introductory Manual: A thorough introduction on the management of weeds published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Culphur Cinquefoil - Pastures and Rangeland (PDF): From the Integrated Weed Management Series published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Knapweed - Its Cost to British Columbia: Knapweed infestations are causing major environmental deterioration and loss of beef production in the southern interior of British Columbia. If left unchecked, the loss to ranchers and recreational users could be disastrous. Published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Invasive Plants of Canada Project: The Invasive Plants of Canada (IPCAN) project grew out of an initiative in 1991 by the Habitat Conservation Division, Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) to compile information on invasive exotic plants of wetland and upland habitats.

Guide to Monitoring Exotic and Invasive Plants by Erich Haber.

Fraser Basin Invasive Plant Council: A provincial initiative designed to control invasive plants in BC.

GCC video of Invasive Plants: The GCC Public Service Announcement about invasive plants in BC is available on-line and is also shown on TV.