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Grasslands of the World

worldpageGrasslands exist on every continent except Antarctica. They are known as prairies in North America, steppes in Asia, pampas in South America and veldts in South Africa. For millions of people around the world, grasslands play an essential role in their survival and livelihoods. These shared experiences are highlighted in several documents available here

The Hohhot Declaration

GCC News Release: World Scientists Declare Grasslands Vital to Our Future

greatplainsresearchToward a Strategy for the Conservation and Protection of the World’s Temperate Grasslands
by Bill Henwood, Great Plains Research 20 (Spring 2010)

lifeinworingLife in a Working Landscape: Towards a Conservation Strategy for the World's Temperate Grasslands

A record of the World Temperate Grasslands Conservation Initiative Workshop, Hohhot, China, June 28 and 29, 2008

whatareglobalWhat are Global Temperate Grasslands Worth? A Case for Their Protection: A Review of Current Research on their Total Economic Value Prepared for the World Temperate Grasslands Conservation Initiative by Barbara Heidenreich, July 2009

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For further research in international grasslands, please go to the Grasslands Reading List.

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